Baby Namings

Are you becoming a parent? Congratulations (or in Hebrew - b'sha'ah tova - in a good hour).

Miraculous, powerful, overwhelming and "out of our hands" are all words that come to mind when preparing to bring a child into your home.

While the experience is certainly a unique one for each individual and couple, Jewish rituals for welcoming children into the Jewish community has gone back for ages.

JLife Consulting will:

  • Be available to conduct the baby naming ceremony, and if you are having a boy, refer you to an experienced mohel (the one who performs ritual circumcision)
  • Walk you through the history and rituals for a baby naming ceremony or bris (ritual circumcision)
  • Help you plan the ritual for your naming ceremony

After an initial complimentary phone session in which we will get to know each other, we will decide how many times we would like to meet and which of the following sessions would be the most beneficial for you...

Session 1: Uncovering the Mystery: The Who, What, Where and Why of Jewish Baby Naming ceremonies - learn about the structure and meaning of a bris and Jewish baby naming ceremony for girls as a basis to talk about the vision for your own baby naming or bris.

Session 2: Innovations - explore the innovations in Jewish baby naming ceremonies that have developed over time, especially for baby girls and think about what (if anything) you may want to incorporate into your own ceremony.

Session 3: Creating Your Baby Naming Ceremony - create your unique baby naming ceremony.

Dasee worked with my husband and me to make our son's bris a very personal, calm and meaningful ceremony. She was a great listener in the planning, made good suggestions and was also respectful of our vision for how we wanted it to play out. I especially liked how she spoke about our family to our gathered friends and relatives. We will always be grateful to her for helping us welcome our baby in a loving, warm, Jewish way that felt in keeping with our family, friends and community.

- Julia, New Mother